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Unsolved Mysteries


Do you remember Unsolved Mysteries? I loved that show. I can’t believe how old it is–1987. I was 8 years old and it was better than the news because they had ghosts and UFOs and everything.

And, for Jenny, they had also had angels to rescue guys on motorcycles.

Anyway, it’s still on TV (if you can call Spike TV tv) but now they have a new host, Dennis Farina. Lame.

My heart will always belong to Robert Stack:


*sigh* Those were the days. Robert Stack. Unsolved Mysteries. Freaking myself out as a kid.

I feel so old.

One thought on “Unsolved Mysteries

  1. Anonymous

    haha I’m pretty sure we determined she definitely wasn’t an angel. u know tho when u think about it, that ‘angel’ pretty much proves ufos and stuff probably don’t exist, that it’s really just how people see what they want to see, or they only remember highlights which aren’t what actually happened… I’m surprised we still watched it after that episode.

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