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Some Belated Posts


I was finally able to uninstall and reinstall my Blackberry software on my computer. I still think there’s something wrong with my USB cord or my phone; it keeps disconnecting when I try to transfer data. Anyway, here are some amusing things I found out and about:

I *DO* pay too much for my African movies!

I don’t think they’re sorry. I submitted this to The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotes

In case of emergency, ROLL YOUR ASS OUT OF THERE!

I don’t think Elvis would glue a bunch of quarters to his car. Maybe I’m wrong.


3 thoughts on “Some Belated Posts

  1. bazoo42

    When I saw the 2nd pic, before scrolling on down to your caption, I was SO thinking that needed to go to the “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotes!
    And Elvis would not glue quarters all over his car. He would use silver dollars.

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