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I heart Sylar


I am always late on the bandwagon, but I am finally hooked on Heroes. In particular, I love Sylar. I just wanted to tell you. He might be my new boyfriend.

NO! Kitty! Run!

Deviant Art by RobHough

South Park’s version of Mahinder, Sylar & Cheerleader

amusing tee shirt

One of my favorites: Deviant Art by EatToast

I think Sylar just needs a hug and a scarf.

2 thoughts on “I heart Sylar

  1. Anonymous

    Codence says…
    How far are you along your Heroes journey. It got really bad in season 2 and the beginning of this season. Now that the Pushing Daisies creator is back on the creative team, it’s getting a little better.

    1. chukichi Post author

      Re: Codence says…
      I *just* hopped on this bandwagon because the Mr. loves it. He loved season 1 and agrees that season 2 was pretty weak. I think a lot of the characters are weiners–that’s why I like Sylar. No nonsense, get down to business bad guy. I like the villans.

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