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again? seriously?


Two weeks ago we had a plumber come out to the house to fix a leak in our polybutylene down in the basement. The basement is unfinished for the most part so $300 later, no biggie, right? Yeah, until this week when we discoved another leak. Water in the basement. Where was the leak you ask?

Second floor bathroom. Yay.

Pin hole leak, no problem.



Okay then.

So maybe a little problem.

The plumber estimated about 10 gallons per day was sluicing down the walls and into the basement. Cost to repair? Another $300+. So what did the guy do? He gave me the part and told me how to patch it. For free.

Plumbing genius at work.


We have stupidly frugally decided to wait for a bit to repipe the whole house. A repipe for our house would cost somewhere between $4000-$6000. They take out all the poly and replace it with copper. And, because they’re plumbers and not drywall guys, they get to tear out walls to do that but they won’t put them back. Yay!

On the upside, I stopped the leak. Check back in two weeks for the next one.

3 thoughts on “again? seriously?

  1. Anonymous

    Codence says…
    Just don’t use any mighty putty that bastard Billy Mays sells.
    New addictive website for you…

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