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i’m sick


Not like, disturbed-sick, more like pukey-chills-achey-food-poisoning-sick. Barf.

In other news, a yarn update. I added a bunch of yarn to my stash and this isn’t even all of it. Some are are what you’d call a “surprise”. Okay, maybe I just don’t want to jinx it. Like I did the last time. You know what I’m talking about.

Wow, that orange yarn is so orange.

Will probably be made into a ridiculously expensive scarf.

Soy Wool Stripes
Will also probably be made into a scarf, though not so ridiculously.

The blue is more of a robin’s egg blue, this picture turned out like shit. I’m thinking sweater or sweater vest. Who knows. The orange will be Halloween dishcloths and possibly part of a mitered square blanket. There are two colorways of the soy wool stripes. Can you feel the excitement? Maybe if I wasn’t puking.

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