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A little late


I failed to mention this back in October. I made a pair of socks for Josh that still don’t fit. They were supposed to be his Halloween socks. Maybe he can wear them for this Halloween. And go as a witch or a soccer hoodlum or something. Screw you, I like them.




So sue me, I’m still getting the gauge thing down. As I mentioned before, he can make anything cute.

2 thoughts on “A little late

  1. bazoo42

    the socks don’t LOOK too big, other that being a tad pointy at the toe. but i guess that’s to be expected with something like that.
    btw, you know they make no-spill sippy cups right? lol.

    1. chukichi Post author

      I don’t believe in no spill sippy cups. How is he ever going to learn the consequences of spilled milk?!
      Also, what do you think of the embiggened pictures? Yay for embiggened pictures!

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