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Happy Birthday!


To Dave Grohl. I keep wanting to spell his name Ghrol because I’m mildly retarded. Happy 40th Birthday, Dave.

I love you.  srsly?  stfu.

It’s a little known fact that Dave Grohl reads my blog regularly. He never comments because he’s a lurker. I wanted to make his birthday extra special. Hi, Dave!

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Anonymous

    He never reads yours because he’s too intimidated by your photography! Or should I say, awesomeography!
    No…I don’t think I’ll say that. Let’s stick with photography.

      1. chukichi Post author

        800 years later… I have a 5MP Kodak that I bought forever ago. It gets the job done, but I need a new one desperately.

      2. arcata1

        I just bought my first digital SLR. I never wated one because I love having the super zoom you can get on compacts. But, now that I have one the improvement in quality blows me away.

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