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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that you missed me terribly for the past two days. No need to fear, though; I’m back and here is everything you missed in photo dump format. Trust me, it wasn’t much:

No wonder they didn’t fit; I don’t even know what choco-clate is.

Josh is a dance, dance, dance, dancing machine.

I made mini-pumpkin breads! But none for you.

Something I forgot to post from my scrapbook! The Verve Pipe, Tonic and K’s Choice for only $17.50! Totally awesome!

My oven mitts and potholders are Halloween themed. All year round.

The day before Thanksgiving. By the way, I no longer officially recognize Thanksgiving as a holiday, much like how The United States doesn’t officially recognize France as a country. Fuck you, Thanksgiving.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it! Tomorrow I hope to post my first finished handmade Christmas gift of the year.

Pfft, yeah right.

3 thoughts on “Catsup

  1. Anonymous

    Codence says…
    Verve Pipe, Tonic and K’s Choice would have been a fantastic show. I’m still disappointed with the Local H/Jimmie’s Chicken Shack show at the Copper Dragon. They were bad.

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