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NOT late


I am not late. It may be technically the 23rd, but it’s still night and it’s the night of the 22nd in my book blog. And, since it’s my blog, my rules apply.

Now, on to the posting!

I had big plans today. I was going to finish Josh’s bathroom and address my Christmas cards and make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. In reality, I cleaned my room and knitted some. So the day wasn’t a total loss. I also got to watch Akeelah and the Bee (most of it, anyway) so that was something else. I want to make a point about something on IMDB’s posting of Akeelah:

Akeelah is white??

I just watched this movie and I don’t know who this girl is. Why is she the first in the slideshow of pictures? Is IMDB racist or am I just dumb? There were all sorts of colorful people in that movie. And by colorful, I mean people that were not white. Leik teh azns!

By the way, teh azn in the movie is Sean Michael Afable and he is “multicultural”. Which means he wants to have an air of mystery by not disclosing his heritage. Being quite diverse myself, I come from a long line of both spectacular and awesome and I can attest that it is a difficult life to lead.

Okay, all this talk of movies and awesome and no cookies has made me tired. It’s already 1-ish and I’m going to sleepies now.

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