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Rats. I’m out of flour. Who the hell is ever out of flour? Okay, I have flour but not the 3 cups it will take to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. AND I cut my finger prepping food for Thanksgiving. My little finger. It has an owie. Thankfully (Thanksgiving, get it? GET IT?) I cut myself with a new precision laser santoku knife so it didn’t hurt. When I sliced my finger, anyway. Now it hurts because I am t-y-p-i-n-g.

So last night I was looking through a super old scrapbook and found some nostalgic things from my past:

Frymaster Bob

Perspective Drawing from the floor of the Art Room

IGAP Testing: Who says I don’t know anything about politics?

I was just having some fun. In other news, I will be done with my Christmas shopping today. Yay!

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