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NaBloPoMo dump


I admit it, I really kind of hate NaBloPoMo. It totally goes against my BWO sensibilities. I feel like I’m putting out more crap than normal, just for the sake of crapping.

Speaking of crapping, here is a mini photo dump:

Any bets on what the price will be on the day before Thanksgiving? Hmm??

It’s important to take your garbage for a drive once in a while. It facilitates bonding and exposure to the open road.

Growing up, we used to use Tiger Balm all the time for pretty much any ailment. We would get them in Asian markets and the little jars would be covered with cryptic Chinese characters. Fancy. But now that it’s being readily distributed everywhere in the States, I am starting to believe it isn’t the same mucosa searing Tiger Balm I grew up with. Damn you FDA! Which brings me to…

What the hell is wrong with this kid in from the Tiger Balm website?

I think a nap is in order.

One thought on “NaBloPoMo dump

  1. bazoo42

    yes, imho Tiger Balm isn’t as good as it used to be. that, or i’ve become too tolerant. and in the 2nd pic…
    OMG i thought that was a pair of legs sticking out of the garbage bag! i suppose i shouldn’t look at your blog immediately after waking up.

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