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WIP update


Did you know it’s only 49 days until Christmas? Now THAT’S some ugly math. I have been in the process of making things like crazy:

This is a Cinderella gift. Basically, if I get all of my other chores done, then I’ll finish this one and gift it. If not, then I will have a nice yarny thing for me in July.

This is the newest start to Nana’s birthday socks. Baby Jesus’ birthday will have to do. I’ve frogged this thing twice now, so hopefully third time’s the charm. I went up on the needle size this time and now it’s soft and squishy.

This is not yarn, but a stitchy gift. Hopefully they will all get done in time. Yikes! Now, on to yarny things that I didn’t make, but really should have:

I feel a bit guilty for not having made a sweater for Josh yet, but maybe if I start working on one now, he will have a great sweater for his 15th birthday.

I love Christmas. /me lies

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