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you better check yourself


As I mentioned in passing, I was in a car wreck earlier this month. I was rear ended on my way to work, right on the ramp to the interstate.

“X” marks the spot

The other car was fairly damaged, at least undrivable more than the one lane over to the shoulder, but my car was mostly undamaged. It still took $1300+ to get it fixed (on her dime, anyway).

Bad quality cell phone pics, but you get the idea. Even worse, one of my coworkers who drives basically the same route as I do saw me sitting on the side of the road. You know how you don’t do anything wrong, but you’re embarrassed anyway? I am *always* that person. I was drugged and out of work for about a week, and it took forever to get my car fixed. In the mean time, Enterprise gave me this:

ho. lee. mo. lee.

Not my fault + 2008 Dodge Charger = Best Wreck EVER

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