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I am such a slackass for not updating lately. Between 1.) car accident, 2.) crazy work schedule and 3.) taking on the CIO method for ruining my child, I have been busy. Oh, and I have started working on two yarn projects. But I have no pictures to post of anything I’m working on now, and there’s a bunch of stuff I wanted to post about but had no pictures, so instead, here’s something I gave up on after something like three days of ridiculousness:

The Horror

One of my friends started a cardio yoga program and has been having great results. Bandwagonny as I am, I thought I would break out the Pilates DVDs I have had for years but never actually used or looked at. It was made in the late 90s… why it has a horrible 1980s feel to it, I don’t know. It might be the band:

I wish John Stamos was playing the steel drum ><

How am I supposed to work out with this thing if it makes me feel completely retarded? I’m embarrassed for it and for me.

How appropriate. This video is total shit.

I’m going to eat something and stay fat. I’ll update soon, I know you’re sweaty with anticipation. In the mean time, watch this clip from Kureyon Shin Chan. I’m obsessed:

I’ll never be a man.

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