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Stoned Photo Dump


I got in a car wreck yesterday and the only time I can sit in a chair is when I’m on an awesome cocktail of Vicodin, Skelaxin and Naproxen. Oh, I’m so stoned. I’m probably a minute or so from passing out, so here goes:

1. Is this an awesome hood ornament or is it just overdone? I think the answer is YES.

2. I work at work, but sometimes you just have to have a seahorse.

3. I hate people who like to tell you what kind of car they drive. This is possibly one of the stupidest examples that I have ever seen.

4. Does anyone else think that this pirate looks like Quagmire? I mean, come on.

5. Wait, how are there no preservatives in PRESERVES?? Isn’t that the name of the product?

Okay. I’m getting numb and zonky, so off to bed I go. More pics later.

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