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I think you have my stapler.


Do you know what this is?

I am actually really happy that we hired on a new mouseketeer marketer. The result, however, is this:

At least it divides the mess.

Closer up.

I thought I had extricated myself from the cube farm, but apparently not. If we hire one more person, my desk is going into the bathroom. I’m feeling a little bit isolated…

If I find a bunch of money, I will totally burn the building down.

4 thoughts on “I think you have my stapler.

  1. bazoo42

    yeah, first thought was “damn, now how am i gonna talk to you next time i visit and hang out at your office all day?”
    then i thought, “heh heh heh, now i can blindly throw shit at you all day :D” (yes, i thought the sideways smiley too)

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