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Finally, something. I had to knit something. I had to finish something. So over the July 4th weekend, I made this:

Okay…it’s at least made out of yarn.

It’s a Lopi Tote from Hello Yarn. I made the Pirate Bag for Molly for her birthday (last year maybe?) in red and black so I thought I’d use up the rest of the black with a skein of grey wool I bought for 99 cents. And I thought, Red Stripe, why not? And then I added a red stripe to the bag. I ran out of yarn so I had to make the bottom red, too.

This picture is saved as “feltbottom” which makes me giggle a bit.

Fully felted and ready to tote around my junk!

I don’t know if I love this purse or not. I would definitely make the handles smaller. I kind of don’t like that there is so little structure to the bag. Then again, I made the purse out of wool, not iron bars.

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