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Kung Fu Panda


I **finally** got to go see Kung Fu Panda. As expected, it was AWESOME. I loved it. The story is really good and funny and the animation is incredible. I think my favorite character is Po’s dad:

Mr. Ping!

He really reminded me of people that I know from my past…And I think that if anyone else in the world could have done the voice for him, it would be Martin Yan:

Yan Can Cook!

Like I said, the animation is awesome, and you can’t tell by these pictures, so go and see the movie a few hundred times:

There is no charge for awesomeness. Or attractiveness.

I don’t really have anything to say here. Other than AWESOME.

Did I mention that I love this movie?

2 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda

  1. Anonymous

    Codence says…
    still haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda, but speaking of awesome asian dudes, the chairman from Iron Chef America plays a Mexican Luchador mask-wearing martial arts expert from the Clan of the Pointed Stick on the best, awesomest show on tv right now…THE MIDDLEMAN.
    ABC Family Channel Monday nights. Get caught up off their website.

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