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Wil Wheaton pissed me off


I had this dream last night and in it, Wil Wheaton pissed me off.

This is what you deserve, Wil Wheaton!

I will not get into all of the details, but in my dream, I had an attemped rapist at gunpoint and was waiting for the police. A huge group of cops show up and one of them is Wil Wheaton. It turns out that the attempted rapist is Wil Wheaton’s brother and he’s going to let him go! Well, I wasn’t having any of that. He started spouting off something about ‘guys look out for each other’. I think the guy got arrested in the end, but who knows.

I hate waking up and being all mad at someone because they pissed me off in a dream. Especially people I can’t yell at. Maybe if I watch Stand by Me I won’t be so mad anymore.

Leeches are gross.

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