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I love crabs. I’m a crabby person, I’m the epitome of a Cancer (moody homebody and can only be killed with drugs and radiation) and a seafood nut. This past Christmas, I received a Macy’s gift card which I put to good use on all of the after Christmas sales. One thing I was hunting in particular was Christmas ornaments. I was pleased to find:

Deadliest catch!

Now, I bought this crab ornament on 12/26/2007…and today’s date is 06/09/2008. Yes, I stayed home from work today to put Christmas away. There. I said it. Don’t judge me for celebrating 8lb. 6oz. Baby Jesus’ Birthday for 6 months. Because you WILL go to hell. Anyway, while packing away my crab I noticed this:

Look ma, no legs!

It has been sitting in the same spot, on the same pouf of tissue paper for six month. No legs to be found anywhere which leads me to believe that this crab came home with no legs.

How the hell did that happen?? Jeez, I should pay more attention to things, like legless crabs.

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