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My greatest fear of all time has come to fruition. Behold the end of the world:

I have a slight headache due to hunger…for brains!

Woman Wakes Up After Family Says Goodbye, Tubes Pulled

Are you fucking kidding me?

“[Thomas]…suffered two heart attacks and had no brain waves for more than 17 hours. At about 1:30 a.m. Saturday, her heart stopped and she had no pulse. A respiratory machine kept her breathing and rigor mortis had set in, doctors said.
“Her skin had already started to harden and her fingers curled. Death had set in,” said son Jim Thomas…her heart stopped again.
“She had no neurological function,” said Dr. Kevin Eggleston.
Ten minutes later the woman woke up and started talking.
“She (nurse) said, ‘I’m so sorry Mrs. Thomas.’ And mom said, ‘That’s OK honey. That’s OK,” Jim Thomas said.”

What they didn’t share was the fact that the woman in question then ate the brains of the apologetic nurse. I can read between the lines.

The end is nigh!

2 thoughts on “***PROOF***

  1. bazoo42

    rigor mortis. um… EWWWWWWW that’s just fricken scary. you need to finds a church right now that doesn’t have any windows on the ground floor. that’s what my old friend Ian always looked for, said they were “zombie proof.”

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