What ever happened to…

I miss the days of My So-Called Life.

I’m like, so dramatic.

When I watch it now, though, I am pained at how angsty it is…because I was so that angsty. But whatever happened to Claire Danes? She did some movies but she seems to have fallen off the radar. I thought of her today because I found this video by Soul Asylum. Damn that them for not allowing embedding!


  1. Codence says…
    You have to stay away from Scott Baio!!
    Anywhom, Claire Danes was good in Romeo + Juliet, then somehow ended up in Terminator 3…Shopgirl was good.
    I always meant to watch My So Called Life. Never did.

    1. Re: Codence says…
      I agree with you about romeo + Juliet, but I wonder if she was so “good” because she was still popular from My So-Called Life. Terminator 3 made me want to die. I still need to see Shopgirl. You so should watch My So-Called Life. I know which character you’d be. I’d want to be Angela but probably I’d end up being Brian or Ricky.

  2. From Veronica
    I recently watched the whole My So Called Life series and liked it just as much at 29 as I did when I was a teen! I was pissed when I got to the last episode only to be reminded that they cut it short and never had another season of it. BASTARDS!! I think Claire is doing some broadway stuff, I think I heard that somewhere….

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