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What ever happened to…


I miss the days of My So-Called Life.

I’m like, so dramatic.

When I watch it now, though, I am pained at how angsty it is…because I was so that angsty. But whatever happened to Claire Danes? She did some movies but she seems to have fallen off the radar. I thought of her today because I found this video by Soul Asylum. Damn that them for not allowing embedding!

3 thoughts on “What ever happened to…

  1. Anonymous

    Codence says…
    You have to stay away from Scott Baio!!
    Anywhom, Claire Danes was good in Romeo + Juliet, then somehow ended up in Terminator 3…Shopgirl was good.
    I always meant to watch My So Called Life. Never did.

    1. chukichi Post author

      Re: Codence says…
      I agree with you about romeo + Juliet, but I wonder if she was so “good” because she was still popular from My So-Called Life. Terminator 3 made me want to die. I still need to see Shopgirl. You so should watch My So-Called Life. I know which character you’d be. I’d want to be Angela but probably I’d end up being Brian or Ricky.

  2. Anonymous

    From Veronica
    I recently watched the whole My So Called Life series and liked it just as much at 29 as I did when I was a teen! I was pissed when I got to the last episode only to be reminded that they cut it short and never had another season of it. BASTARDS!! I think Claire is doing some broadway stuff, I think I heard that somewhere….

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