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Last week, (seriously, last week) I woke up one day very tired from having been up much of the night with my son. When I woke up I realized I had
pink eye
. AGAIN. And I went to work and just had a typically bad day.

1.) I called my son’s pediatrician and they took my word that he had pink eye so they called in a prescription for me. They accepted my diagnosis for my completely helpless bebe and yet every doctor I called for me wanted me to come in for a Dr. visit. I had to go to the Minute Clinic again but at least I got a prescription.

2.) I kept screwing dumb shit up at work. I couldn’t find anything. I forgot to do stuff. I lost stuff. Just a shitty shit day for working.

3.) And then the optomitrist eye doctor called and said my contacts were in. But I can’t use them because I have PINK EYE.

So I thought I would make myself feel better by getting the new Coffee Caramel Shake from Chik Fil A. They way overfill it which sounds good but not when you’re in the drive through. So I pick one up for lunch and go back to work. And then this:

fucking hell

Damn Chik Fil A for not putting the lids all the way. I wanted to cry. At least I cleaned it up:

This is the only reason I didn’t kill myself.

Ugh. I still have like 2 more doses of medicine to go. It goes into my eyes and by the laws of physiology and black magic, the medicine gets into my sinus cavity and then down my throat. Eye drops for pink eye are disgusting.

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