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Parents of the Year


You know, as a parent, I feel that it’s important have a plan or an idea of how you would like your child to be raised. Whether it is based on religion, lifestyle or just a general idea. For instance, some families plan to raise their children based strictly on their religious beliefs or some families make it a goal to raise their children “green” and eco-conscious while others prefer a very urban, city upbringing. The problem arises when parents clash, but the good part about it is that they care.

Case in point, I read this article today: Parents Fight Over Which Gang Toddler Should Join. Tell me these aren’t conscientious parents!

Baby daddy

I only wish my parents cared so much about which gang I joined.

P.S. I have been researching private schools (that I could never afford in my lifetime) since the day I wanted to get pregnant. Don’t think I haven’t been researching gangs for my son to join as well.

One thought on “Parents of the Year

  1. Anonymous

    Codence says…
    I’m going to raise my kid green, literally. I’m going to dye him a permanent green. The ironic thing is how many trees I have to chop down to get the extract from their leaves.

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