I’m old

2008 marks the TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY of New Kids on the Block’s release of Hangin’ Tough.

They are getting back together.

I am embarrassingly excited about this. I had the posters, and the videos on VHS, and the books and the buttons to put on my jean jacket. My sister got to go to their concert at SIU and I didn’t. I cried. A lot.

P.S.–I liked Jon Knight the best:

4 Comments on “I’m old

  1. i’m sorry that you’re so excited about new kids on the block reuniting. it’s not like they were super duper hot awesome like DURAN DURAN!

  2. btw, i only just now noticed the kick ass skulls on your page! i lurve it! and i lurve the colors too!

  3. OMG! NKOTB!
    I’m kind of excited, too! :) Misty and I got to see them in concert in DuQuoin! Sean was forced to go with us because he was too young to stay home alone. ;) James always makes fun of me when I talk about that concert! Joey was MY favorite!

  4. Codence says…
    I hope they perform “The White Stuff”…wait that was Weird Al parodying “The Right Stuff”…I have a craving for an Oreo now.

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