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it’s doughnuts, not donuts


I am very pleased that I got to actually take pictures for work today! Not only did I get to take pictures, they actually USED them. Yay me! On the way back from the shoot, I saw this:

I do not understand the words that are coming out of your mouth.

Maybe the students from Georgia Perimeter College should spend more time studying and less time at the doughnut shop. Or maybe the people at the doughnut shop should go to Georgia Perimeter College. Either way, if you go to school, you will be happy like these girls:

Hello, my name is Joan Osborne.

2 thoughts on “it’s doughnuts, not donuts

  1. bazoo42

    does that say ‘rim eter’ as in…
    RIM EATER?!?!?!?
    how fucking gross.
    i will never eat at that doughnut shoppe (mostly because it’s 600 miles away but still…)

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