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Political Corruption


I am so sick of politicians abusing their place of power and the inevitable scandalous fallout. It’s all over the news, every day. Of course, I’m talking about Vice President Michael Sheridan. This sick bastard actually PAID a classmate for a package of Skittles. Taste the Rainbow, indeed! He was immediately discovered, stripped of his office, barred from official functions (an honors dinner) and suspended for three days.


And then, lo and behold, Mr. Sheridan must have some strong arm lobbyists, namely his parents, because there was an immediate review and a deluge of propaganda of this “straight-A, honors student”. Out of nowhere, the suspension is reduced from three days to one, then suddenly, all is expunged from his record! He retains office as Vice President with nary a smudge on his “never even had a detention” record. What kind of world do we live in where the purchase and sale of Skittles is allowed to thrive!?

The twisted face of corruption!

2 thoughts on “Political Corruption

  1. Anonymous

    Cody says…
    Do you remember when Po beat out Mindy for senior class president then ripped every one at the ensuing student council meeting…of course we didn’t see it, since we’re not popular, but I do remember hearing that…I also remember Po getting a detention in Mr. Gibson’s 1st hour physics for campaigning too close to the polling site. Good stuff.

    1. chukichi Post author

      Re: Cody says…
      I vaguely remember that. I didn’t care about politics then and I don’t care too, too much for them now. That skittles kid story was just so ridiculous I had to comment. Crazy!

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