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And thus, my faith is destroyed


I can’t fucking believe this. I was just JUST JUST talking about this in my last post, about how I am so slow to get on the bandwagon. One of those bandwagons is Dinner: Impossible. My friend Cody got me into this show and I really like it. And I like Robert Irvine. He British and he can kick your ass:

I’m not doing a push up, I’m pushing the Earth down.

He’s also a LIAR. Even his Wiki entry is under dispute now. He’s a liar. A LIAR. And now all I see in my head is Henry Rollins singing this to Robert Irvine:

I am so disillusioned.

3 thoughts on “And thus, my faith is destroyed

      1. Anonymous

        Well let’s see…Giada is in the mafia…Rachael Ray is hopped up on Uppers…Bobby Flay is a vegetarian…Mario Batali is really German…and the Barefoot Contessa is neither barefoot nor a contessa….

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