Separated at Birth

You’ve all seen Josh and his old timey football helmet. In fact, in the physican’s building this morning, while waiting for an elevator, a very grandfatherly figure went straight up to Josh and said “I thought you were a football player!” and then went on his way. Funny, sweet and a little bizarro.

I was thinking about this little guy though, and how he reminded me of Josh and his helmet:


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2 Comments on “Separated at Birth

  1. something cool to knit
    Well….its been a long time. Grats on Josh! He is adorable! Anyway i wanted to give you the pattern for a ultra cool beenie that i think you would find to be perfect.
    i still look in on you via your blog from time to time and am very proud of you. I hope you are happy for the most part…..besides the horrible commute from work

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