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I am a Halloween


There was an episode of Perfect Strangers where Balki is trying to calm down Cousin Larry by giving him a mantra to repeat. He said, “I am a Halloween, problems flow through me like water. I am a Halloween, problems flow through me like water.” He meant to say, “I am a hollow reed” and it still gives me the giggles. Oh that crazy foreign Balki!

Speaking of Halloween, our Halloween was a bust. We had…17 whole trick or treaters. Seventeen. What a crappy turn out. We had a ton of candy leftover:

I ate all the Twizzlers.

On the upside, even though we did very little, our house was still super awesome and according to some 8 year old, the scariest house ever.

Suddenly I have a minty fresh feeling

And while our house is not as big as this picture makes it seem, you can keep on believing we live in a ginormous house:

I’m not fat, I’m big boned.

3 thoughts on “I am a Halloween

  1. lilpurplepixie

    Sadly, in a couple of years I think halloween will be dead. Not quire sure where the extra hysteria came from, but over protective soccer moms are more worried then ever about poision and razor blades in candy packages… Both things I always considered to be myths anyway.

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