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just around the corner


Halloween is just around the corner, but I knitted this for Josh right when he was born:


I really hate it. It looks cute on him, but come on, that kid could wear a zombie costume and still be the cutest brain eater in the world. I hate the hat because I did it on straight needles, not circular ones, I tried a new decrease method which looks like shit and the stem is lame. I’m going to do a new hat, hopefully in time for Halloween. And with a curlicue dealy like this from Crazy Aunt Purl in addition to a more stemmy looking stem:

curly q

Wish me luck. I’m still working on this and I’m only half way done with it. It’s coming out really great though. Christmas is right around the corner, too, and I don’t think I’m going to get anything done (giftwise) that I wanted to. Bah!

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