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Yay Aznz!


Yay for Hung! Finally, someone I wanted to win a reality competition actually won!

I love Top Chef.

3 thoughts on “Yay Aznz!

  1. bazoo42

    .:12·57·12am:. « @bazoo » – [choo] – DAMN YOU!!!
    .:12·57·22am:. « @bazoo » i hadn’t watched Top Chef yet
    .:12·57·35am:. « @bazoo » AND I READ YOUR FRICKEN LJ
    .:12·57·43am:. « @bazoo » lol
    .:12·57·45am:. « @bazoo » oh well

      1. bazoo42

        btw, i was greatly amused when watching one of the new shows (i think it was Reaper) and the guy called his friend an asshat.

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