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In the movie The Matrix, there were a lot of biblical allusions and anagrams. For instance, Keanu Reeves’ character is named Neo. Switch the letters around, and he becomes the One. Ooh, creepy, no?

My online name is usually choo, a variant of my real name, Chu. Switch those letters around, and I become Ocho. Eight for all of you non-Spanish speaking folk. Creepy, no? Um, no.

This being said, I love the concept of matrixing which has nothing to do with anything I just said. In a nutshell, matrixing is a term describing the human mind’s natural tendency to find familiar shapes in complex shapes or colors or familiar sounds in white noise/rhythmic noise (like steady, repeatative drum beats). Often times this can be human faces (the most recognizable thing to duh, humans) in the shapes and shadows of a collection of objects. I couldn’t really find an actual definition of it anywhere, but it is a real word and I’ve heard it from people who are way smarter than I am, like a therapist I went to once who needed to use that term to convince me that I was not hearing voices. [As an aside, I’m not that crazy, though that last line might really make you think otherwise.]

Since I don’t really work at work, here are some crappy examples of matrixing at work:

Girl with pigtails balancing on a ball.


Now, for the remaining pictures that I was too lazy to edit:

Girl with wavy hair; I call her Luna Lovegood.

Hippie aura picture with inner fire.

A bear looking over to his left.

I should do more work at work.

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