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Danger is my middle name.


So, for my bestest friend’s birthday, I knitted her something dangerous:

It’s actually a bag, and knitted, it looks like this:

And then you felt it and it looks like this:

Well, not exactly like that. In my haste to send out her gift A FUCKING WEEK LATE I didn’t take a picture of my finished object or the fancy fabric I lined it with. Maybe the birthday girl will send me a picture of it, but I doubt it since she has a top of the line cell phone, a 250G MP3 player and NO DIGITAL CAMERA. Go fig.

By the way, you can get the pattern here.

3 thoughts on “Danger is my middle name.

  1. Anonymous

    250G mp3 player!!! i wish! and my 30G player died. i think the battery burned up because it got really really hot then nothing. and of course like many fancy shmancy electronics, the battery is non replaceable unless i send it in and pay them to do it ><

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