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I never really liked Rosie O’Donnell but I remember that all my friends did in high school when she had her show. So one day, because we’re totally lame, we made her a Tom Cruise photo album. Or rather, a photo album with Tom Cruise decoupaged all over it; centered on the cover was her face and Tom’s inside of a heart. Aww… Well now we all know that she liked him, but didn’t like him-like him. But we got this as a thank you:

I don’t like Rosie at all now because I think she’s insane. I think she’s desperate for attention, but I don’t feel bad about talking about her here because no one looks at this site but you. And you never talk to me :P Anyway, I found this picture online that made me laugh.

The best part is that the genius who made this pic wrote “looser” on it. What’s looser? Her morals? Certain body parts? Ugh, let’s not think about that one.

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