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me vs. art, part 1


Let’s travel back in time. Not five, not ten, but fifteen years back. To junior high (middle school, for you weirdos) and more specifically, 8th grade Art 2 taught by Mr. Gallo. Good times, when I still felt accomplished as an ar-teest.

I found this today while cleaning out my attic room (so called because that is where the drop down attic stairs are, duh):


By my current standards, I think it’s overall pretty terrible, something that I would expect out of some junior high school kid. Pfft, children! My teacher was much more kind:


Upon closer inspection, I don’t hate the face part:


I’m trying to decide whether to keep it or not. All of my (fake crappy) art always gets tossed to the wayside, and I don’t think I have too much left from high school, let alone anything from junior high. So should I keep it or should I toss it?

One thought on “me vs. art, part 1

  1. bazoo42

    og course you want to keep it to show how you’ve grown. i still have the crayon picture of a pirate on a pirate ship i did when i was in kindergarden. but of course my talent never improved from that point.

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