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I don’t have too-too many pics to post. I’m really trying hard not to be one of those people that can talk about nothing once they have kids. Granted, it’s only been two weeks, and nothing other than baby has been going on. But, in other misc-y news:

Cheney plane undamaged in collision with bird

Seriously, how big was this bird that this is a headline. Did he hit a pterodactyl? Why is that the headline anyway? There are 5 sentences about the bird thing and a caption under his photo. Then majority of the article is about blah blah blah Democrats blah blah blah Congress blah blah blah War. But thank god there was some real news at the end of the article:

Cheney posed for pictures with little girls while Liz Cheney secured a doll with a Western cowboy hat and get-up.

Phew. At least we know that the doll has been secured.

In other things that are boggling me, I came across Tummy Tuck Jeans today. Awesome concept: flatten your tummy, lift your butt, wear one size smaller, look and feel younger. I’m all for that, aren’t you? But my question is this: Do people who wear size 2 really need to have Tummy Tuck Jeans?

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