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Let’s be mean for a second


I’m a fair American Idol fan. I watch and I bitch about it and I have my favorites but I don’t vote. I’ve not been tempted once to vote, but hey, that’s just me. Anyway, I am so loving Vote for the Worst. They’re really right on with their comments. I hope that Sundance Head stays on for a couple of reasons:
1.) His name is SUNDANCE HEAD.
2.) I hate Sanjaya way more than I hate Sundance and Sundance is BAD.
3.) I’m waiting to see if the Mr.’s conspiracy theory about him is correct (Sundance is a “plant” by the producers of the show and he’s really good but just making it sound shitty for entertainment value; he’ll get super good when he’s in top 12 or so). But, because I’m mean, and VFTW is funny, here is their take on who Sundance Head looks like:

Sundance Head

Fat Bastard

CREEPY! I really hate Sanjaya though, and I hope he gets voted off AND cries when he sings his farewell song. Thank goodness I haven’t lost my meanness yet.

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