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Despite my outward appearance as a completely clueless and vapid individual, I do read the news every day. Local, national and international news. Specifically, as some previous posts may have lead you to believe, I read CNN quite often and for the first time, I noticed that you can read CNN in Arabic:

My first thought was WOW, now we can spread propoganda to Arab nations! as if we didn’t already. And then I wondered about Al Jazeera’s news:

I was not disappointed to find that they did indeed have and English version of Al Jazeera but it didn’t really look much like the regular version:

To me, it actually looks more like the international version of the BBC:

And for fun, here’s the BBC’s Arabic version:

Well, now that I’ve visited Al Jazeera and all the Arabic versions of two major news sites, I’ll probably be on a terror watch list. So if I up and disappear one day, you’ll know what happened. Now back to the junk.

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