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birthday fun


It was the Mr.’s birthday on Sunday and to celebrate, I didn’t nag him all day. Seriously. All day. I think I even cut back on the nagging on Saturday, but I don’t really remember. Here is what I did to try to make his double three fun:

I love finding appropriate cards. Because though we both try hard to look like grown ups, we’re so not. Also, I drew him a little picture to go along with it:

By the way, that is a “unicorn look out” as in sentry, not “unicorn! look out!” as in a warning. Against his wishes for me not to spend any money, I bought him the two Killers CDs and wrapped them very prettily:

Notice the beautiful ribbon!

There was also a very ugly cake:

I tried to mask the deliciousness of the cake as illustrated by this IRC conversation:

.:16·34·27:. «choo» OH NO
.:16·34·33:. «choo» it smells like deliciousness in here!!!
.:16·34·37:. «bazoo» LMAO
.:16·34·42:. «bazoo» that’s an Oh No??
.:16·34·55:. «choo» i’m trying to hide the cake, see
.:16·34·58:. «choo» until tomorrow
.:16·35·02:. «choo» or at least midnight, lol
.:16·35·09:. «bazoo» LOL
.:16·35·17:. «bazoo» burn some popcorn
.:16·35·24:. «bazoo» that smell will cover anything

Though I should have listened to bazoo and her genius idea, I instead sprayed oust in the kitchen. This had no effect, but I did hide the cake in the living room, so he at least didn’t see it until his birthday.

One thought on “birthday fun

  1. lilpurplepixie

    Wow. All these wonderful old posts that you have probably forgotten all about that I have yet to see or comment on. I am going to be here all night.
    The cake looks great. was it yummy?
    I love the whole wrapping gifts with household stuff thing.

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