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lazy updater


I am a lazy updater. Nothing has been going on so rather than sit here and detail the excruciatingly deep conversations I have with the cats, I will simply present you with with a few pictures, starting with this:

WHO THE HELL is going to pay almost $100 for next day shipping? Do you see what is in the parentheses? PLUS PROCESSING TIME. So it’s not even guaranteed next day.

And now, this:

I wish I could buy about half a dozen of these. Every Irish/faux Irish person I know would want one of these tee shirts.

And finally, I stumbled across this on The AntiCraft:

This would have gone well with the penis cozy I made way back when:

I’m 33 weeks pregnant and so bored. I can’t knit or stand for long periods of time and I have no cable tv. All of my neurotic behaviors are coming out (even more than my norm) and it’s getting on my nerves.

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