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fueling the stereotype


I shop at Kroger. Or Kroger’s as I say very often, which is NOT incorrect because I’m not pluralizing Kroger, I’m making it possessive, as in Kroger’s Grocery Store. So everyone can quit correcting me now.

Anyway, I shop at Kroger’s because 1.) it’s close and I’m lazy; 2.) better produce than Wal-Mart; 3.) not as expensive as Publix; 4.) it doesn’t take me an hour to check out.

However, because of the people that work at this particular Kroger, I tend to have a certain stereotype about the people that work there. Not a racial stereotype, but a mental/educational stereotype about them. So there, I said it, I have stereotypes. If you don’t you’re a liar.

Anyway, this unfortunately fueled my stereotypical image of the people who work at the Kroger I frequent:

I am a self admitted spelling and grammar nazi. I might not even have posted this if inconvenience was the only thing spelled incorrectly. But why is the abbreviation of management MG. MT.? Or is that even an abbreviation? Maybe this was a collaboration between MG. and MT.? Eh, whatever.

One thought on “fueling the stereotype

  1. bazoo42

    hmm, i have often seen the word “management” abbreviated as “MGMT,” but never as “MG. MT.” that’s just weird. are you sure weren’t at Wal-Mart? lol
    P.S. i once saw a piece of furniture in our backroom with a note on it that read “hold for (name) on overnice.” :D

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