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so happy together


Well, everything finally came in for the stroller/car seat/extra base so we put it togther! Well, kind of. We put it together as in we took everything out of the box and put the wheels on the stroller. And when I say we, I mean the Mr. But I helped.

Two bases, one for each car:

And the shiny new stroller and car seat and trays that we haven’t attached yet:

What is interesting about the picture above is the orb! It wasn’t in any other picture and I know it’s probably dust or something, but c’mon, it’s a very nice orb! Here is a close up shot:

Give me a break, this is all the ghosty I get until Ghosthunters comes back in flippin JUNE.
**UPDATE** Thwarted again, from the T.A.P.S. website:

A true orb is a natural occurance and can exsist without paranormal activity. This natural gathering of energy will look like a ping pong ball being thrown across the frame. It will be solid, emit its own light, not cast a shadow, and show some signs of motion (such as a trail).

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