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carpel tunnel vs. circulation


Many moons ago, (2005-ish, to be more exact) I began having hand/wrist issues in my right hand. I thought it was carpel tunnel syndrome from working and gaming so I went to my shitty PCP who said it was just water retention. They have me a diuretic and sent me on my way. I’ll admit it helped…when I was bloated. The pain was really terrible and I couldn’t grip anything: toothbrush, hairbrush, skillet, etc. I was messy, dirty and hungry all the time.

Fast forward to 2006-ish and I find out I’m diabetic. Yay! Thank you, family genetics. So the endocrinologist at the time says that my wrist and hand hurts because I’m diabetic and I’m destroying my nerves with too much sugar and evil. Great.

So anyway, a few months into my pregnancy, I dump that shitty doctor because he’s a dick and find the doc I have now who is awesome. He says it’s not diabetes that is killing my wrist because I’m not a 300 lb 65 year old who eats cake for every meal and doesn’t take medication. Okay then. He says my issues are probably circulation and water retention which can be alleviated with diuretics sometimes. This makes a lot of sense since I wake up and both hands will be numb. Lovely, no?

Since I’ve become pregnant, the pregnancy has exacerbated my pain and it’s pretty much every day now that I have hand issues and my index finger on my right hand is almost in a constant state of numbness at the tip. Also irritating my problems is all the knitting I am doing since I am unemployed and sitting on my ass all day. I was forced to take a “week long” hiatus from knitting per the Mr. I started getting antsy (read: irritating him) so he said I could knit the other day for two hours. So I did this:

This may or may not have taken me two hours. I no longer have a way to track time since we don’t have cable tv anymore. Okay, we have clocks, but like I use those. After I made the hat, I got bored, so I decided to relearn how to crochet. That’s not knitting, right?

This tapeworm will eventually become a scarf. This took me hours because I’m crippled in the hand and probably will not recover because I’m so bored.

Wow, that was kind of a long entry for “I made a hat and started a scarf because I was bored”.

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