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Even more lurve!


I just got done having a stomach virus. A lovely pukey, crappy stomach virus. That landed me in the hospital. Joy! Anyway, I recovered enough to be home and mildly aware on Monday just in time to discover a giant Cheez-It box on the front porch! What was inside you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. It was love! Love in the form of stuff! And you all know how much I love stuff!!!!

First, new shoes!

The pink ones are so comfy and warm and they have dingle balls and they’re fuzzy and ugly and they make my legs look skinny! And the black ones are so sinister looking and so so so comfy. I’ve been wearing the hell out of the boots and fell asleep in them on the first day. They are my favorite thing in the box so far, but I haven’t even gotten to the rest of the stuff yet!

Next, baby present!

In a glimpse of what the future will hold for my soon to be born child, I will steal the candy and give him the toy. The reindeer looks a little sad, like he knows my intention to steal candy from a baby.

Then, YARN!

Fuzzy wuzzy baby blue yarn! This doesn’t count against my stash because it was a gift and I’ll probably use it pretty soon to make fuzzy wuzzy baby blue yarn things for the baby.

Lastly, but not leastly, and most excitedly… N-E-E-D-L-E-S!!!!

The most delicious are the bamboo needles, and I’m most excited to get cracking on the circulars. The cutest are the kid needles which have faces on the end and are two different colors. The funniest are the giant 17 needles which are acrylic and have swirlies in them and the prettiest packaging are the set of three in the satin tube things. Boris loves them, as you can see, if the smile on his face is any indication:

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