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I find this disturbing to some degree:

It’s a “Pee Protector” for little boys. The testimonial says: This is such a funny and cute gift! I ordered them for all of my friends that have boys just in case they find they need it. I remember when my son was little this would have definitely come in handy :)
State College,

Now, I don’t have a baby quite yet. And I know that people go nuts over cutesy things for babies and love great practical ideas. But this is neither cutesy or practical to me. And for $33.95 + s/h and tax, it seems really ridiculous. Aren’t you supposed to put the new diaper over the baby in case he pees on you? Or like a small towel or receiving blanket? Or something else? Do you really need a $34 jock for you baby?

.:20·09·57:. «choo» you’ve been around babies, does that look at all practical??
.:20·10·18:. «choo» because it looks totally stupid to me
.:20·10·29:. «bazoo» it looks perverted, like a baby codpiece

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