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time on my hands


As we all know, I have had a lot of time on my hands since becoming unemployed and pregnant. A lot of time. And now, since we turned off the cable tv (I know, I know), I have even MORE time to do things that should be productive. Usually I end up piddling my day away. Fast forward to autumn–a very cold, cold autumn for Georgia. In the attempt to conserve energy (money) we’ve not turned the heat on much and had the space heater going in the bedroom. Thus I have been much confined to the bedroom along with my teapot, two cats and no tv. Did I mention we turned off our landline, too?

No phone and no tv make Chu something something.
Go crazy?

Anyway, so I found a great charity: The Orphan Foundation of America and their awesome Red Scarf Project. Here is the first one I made (in record time, I might add):

It’s simple, just two yarns knit stitched together. It looks very chunky cherry yummy. They had better send it to someone in the far north; it’s thick and super warm. I’m working on another one that is pink and red, and it looks like candy. I might keep it for me, though. I will do one more red scarf, solid red basketweavy ribby thing with no fringe and more manly/unisexy. I was super motivated to finish this simple scarf because Molly wanted a dingle ball ear flap hat for Christmas, and I have never made one before. I was convinced it would take me 3 months or so, but it only took me a full 24 hours, dingle ball and all:

Shirley makes a great model. Molly loves it, by the way, and I tried to make a hat with no brim, but it came out looking like a watermelon half.

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