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I’m crafty (I get around, I’m always down, etc.) and I have been knitting poorly for a long time. The only things I’ve ever made are scarves, and before that, scarves that ended up as potholders. While I haven’t really extended past the scarf thing yet, I will eventually. But first I had to brush up on my skills (I highly recommend Stitch ‘N Bitch to learn or freshen up). So, to practice, I started a swatch which started with knit stitches, then purl, then stockinette, then 1×1 rib, then a basket weave, then a moss, and then increase and decrease. Then I got bored, so I attached my ends and came up with this tube shaped object:

I know what it looks like. It’s quite phallic and we laughed and called it a penis cozy. At 11 inches long, that is one hell of a cozy. Though, in other positions, it could be described as something more innocent such as:

Dog Leg Sock (could also be used as a cat leg sock if the top cuff is turned down):

Super Mini Golf Club Cover

The important thing is that I practiced and learned new things. I also learned how to do cables (yay!) and am working on a scarf:

I think the last cable I did is not spaced right, it seems rather long. Either way, I will probably scrap it soon and start making baby stuff. I don’t make things in too much of a timely manner.

One thought on “knit picky

  1. bazoo42

    your penis cozy also looks like a giant fuzzy flat worm >< i suppose it could be a glove for someone who only has a stump for an arm, like if their hand were severed while protecting their family from zombies or something.

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