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Attempt #1


So, the Mr. is having a Halloween thing at work so I am practicing the dessert I have picked to make. The first attempt, though delicious was not quite how I wanted them to turn out aesthetically. Here is a picture of the batch entire, some made up, some not:

They turned out WAY bigger than they should have been, which would account for the recipe saying “yields 25-30” and I yielded only 18. They resemble ticks more than they do tarantulas. Here are some close ups:

“Normal Tarantula”:

“Nuclear Green Tarantula”:

“Pile of Naked Tarantulas”:

The recipe and DECENT pictures can be found at I will post a new, and hopefully smaller more tarantula shaped attempt probably the day before Halloween.

OH and don’t be an ass about the legs on the spiders. This was a TEST RUN and yeah, some of the legs fell off. So sue me.

2 thoughts on “Attempt #1

  1. chukichi Post author

    What super sucks about this is that there was no second attempt. This was for the Mr.’s work, to be brought on Halloween. Well, Halloween was on a Tuesday this year, and the Mr. had the previous week off for our anniversary. Well, during his vacation, they decided to change the day to Monday and not tell him. So I’m making them on Monday, and the Mr. calls to tell me what happened. I was so mad I threw out everything I was working on. I’m glad he quit that shitty job. Not because of the cookies, but what a great chilvalrous story that would have made…

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