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Today was a hard day as we turned off our land line, cable tv, and Terminix service. As expected, it’s time to cut luxury items when a baby is on the way, but one thing I did not want to cut was our yearly tradition of the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament. I plan on being one of those crazy old ladies that only has her cats and her ornaments when she dies. I went out and purchased this today and am terribly excited:

I was just so surprised to find a parents to be ornament that I almost fell out of my chair. We were racking our brains to figure out what to get this year as it’s not “baby’s first christmas” and we didn’t feel that “Mom and Dad” ornaments were appropriate. But this was perfect. We had the same dilemma last year since all we did was work on the house. Then we found “Mooster Fix It” and that was perfect too! Yay for being spied on by Hallmark!

2 thoughts on “traditions

  1. Anonymous

    Chu, that is adorable! I hadn’t thought of getting anything like this, but I may have to find me one. Thanks for the idea.

  2. bazoo42

    this is got to be the cutest damn ornament i’ve seen in a long time. and it seems that if you ever want your future told, you should just go to the Hallmark store lol. here’s hoping that you never see one that looks like an woman being run down by a bus lol

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